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Nvidia Geforce GTX 460 1GB Card

The Geforce GTX 460 is an amazing graphics card that any gamer would want to have. There has been no monster super card in Nvidia since the 8800 GT card but the GTX 460 changed that. Super cards in my category are the ones that keep beating newer cards over and over for a while and also has an excellent price compared to competition. It is definitely a mid-range but high performance GPU, has the best in-class performance and has a massive overclocking headroom.

It has a memory bandwith of 115.2 GB/s. Has a texture fill rate of 37.8 GT/s. Which is not far away from the newer 5 series considering it has been released in 2010. Temperature wise it has a tendancy to run cool and does not heat up much. Other specs are PhysX physics acceleration, and directX 11 capable. You can find it in the market now a days around $220.

There are a couple of negatives in the geforce GTX 460 though like everything else in the market. Being released in 2010 it will not run all games on max settings. I would say most can run on high or mid-high. Also requires two six-pin power connectors and would block an adjacent slot.

Review Verdict : Good Mid-range card which will amaze you considering it is aging

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