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Optoma’s GT750E 720p 3D Projector

If there is anything a gamer wants it is to play games on a very big screen. This is were the Optoma GT750E projector comes in handy  and does not disappoint. First of all its short throw which means it can be very close to the wall and still give you big screen. I set it up 5 feet from the wall and got a 100″ image size. Another great thing is that you will find plenty of connectors on the back to satisfy all types. A pair of HDMI 1.4a ports, VGA, S-Video, RCA jacks and a stereo output jack. This projector is made for gaming and therefore does not have any lag that I have noticed. Its 720p HD capable of running 1080, its bright colors and images are crisp even  in a lightly lit room, and has a remote with so much options to play with. All this in a a very competitve price compared to other projectors at just under $800.

Some cons come with this projector though. It does not have zoom or lens shift feature to help make setup easy. Also sometimes you could notice some rainbow affect which is a common issue with most projectors. I personally notice it a little but many of my friends dont.

ReviewPost Verdict : A great gaming projector with a competitive price

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