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Hidden Numbers – The Best Games List

hidden numbers

Hidden numbers is one of the most fun games that you can play from anywhere. This game is very casual in nature but does have different difficulty levels. The objective of the game is to find the hidden numbers in certain scenarios. Sometimes its just a still photo and sometimes its a story scenario.


The Best Hidden Numbers games :

1- Nine hidden numbers is probably one of the most fun games in this category. The music is amazing and it gives you a certain feel for each scene that you play.

2- The next one is called animals. This one is different though because it has a hint system that can show you where the numbers might be hidden.


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3- School is another game from the same nature. The difference here is that there is limited time. The clock keeps ticking once you start and the more numbers you find the faster the clock will run.

4- A famous charactar stars in this one, it is Scooby Doo. This is similar to the game Nine since it does give you a certain feel which is the Scooby Doo feel.

5- The last one is a detective game. Here the objective is to find clues that will showcase where you can find the numbers. This one is the most difficult and if you like challenging games then this one is for you.


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Best Website to Play Hidden Number Games :

The first place is the apple store. Here you will find many applications for this games for example this one called Twisted Worlds which looks fun. The second place is a well built website called Eight Numbers. Here you will find the most list of games and most of them work on even the older PCs.


Enjoy the list.

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