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Samsung LN40D550 TV

Samsung has recently overtaken the TV industry with an elaborate tv collection. One of those good ones with respective to price is the LN40D550. A 40″ inch LCD TV good to be called an “entry-level TV”. One thing I can assure for Samsung is that they make durable Tv’s. I got three and all working fantastic since I bought them with the oldest being 6 years back. The LN40D550 in particular has one of the best styling. Also I noticed on some movies the black levels were very pleasing compared to other lcd TVs. Another Major option I liked is that it has many connections. For the reciever, DVD player and Xbox.

One major negative I can sometimes point out are the colors. Lets put it this way, I have seen better color TVs around the price range. The accuracy of the color was not always 100%. Also, If you like playing your movies and games on 1080p/24 then this Tv is not the best. All in all for the price paid its a good deal.

Review Post Rating : Decent TV for the price range


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