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Build the Best Gaming Cumputer

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The video games world is fast moving train and it needs a great  gaming cumputer to enjoy playing those games. The best thing to do here is to think ahead and create a cumputer that will have a longer life. To make sure that it will support games being released 3-4 years from your date of purchase. This way you can have a bang for your buck instead of upgrading every 1-2 years. In this article I will no be mentioning specific names of hardware to go purchase but I will be laying down the foundation of building a gaming cumputer at any point at any year. Like the old saying : “Teach a man how to fish rather than giving him a fish each day.”


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The CPU :

I recommend getting a CPU not older than one year since I know the new ones always are expensive when released. Just search CPUs in Amazon and look for something for example atleast i7 for nowadays , priced reasonably and is released within 2 years at the most. Dont buy any CPU older than 3 years old unless it is one of the few super hardware that come along once every while. For example the i7-4790k is one of these super CPUs that have been released back in 2014 and is still amazing to this date. Furthermore just to be sure you can do a quick search at the time by typing “best gaming cumputer cpu”and compare the prices.


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The GPU :

This is probably the most essential hardware in the gaming cumputer you are buying/building. The idea here also is to buy a card that is not older than 2 years. This process will need a little more research and digging from your side but I will help you find the right VGA card by following thses steps. Keep in mind these 3 most important specs in a graphics card. The first one is memory bandwidth. The higher the number the faster the rendering of the card thus playing most games on high settings. The number should read something like this 224 GB/s. The next specs are the pixel fill rate and texture fill rate. These also are important on how the card will perform when playing games with high resolution. The number are 72.1 GP/s and 144 GT/s respectively.

I know you might be thinking those numbers dont mean much to right now. How can I differentiate what is good ans what is bad. Most people just look at how much the standard memory is and forget about the stuff I mentioned earlier. For example they choose a card based on that number alone 6GB standard memory since its pretty high and think they are getting a great GPU. On the contrary that number barely affects how the card will perform.

I will tell you a small trick that has helped me choose an older VGA card than can perform almost as the newer ones for example the GTX 980 was is till good at the time this article was written even though it was release in 2014. Search and open a page for the newest 4 released graphics cards specs page. Write down the memory bandwidth numbers, the pixel rate and the fill rate. Now go search the previously released graphics cards and compare these numbers. You need to find a graphics card that has numbers very close to the average of the new ones. You will not find exact number of-course since they are older but most of the time you will find 1 or 2 that have numbers very close to the new ones. I mean numbers only 15-20% different which is amazing. Imagine buying a graphics card half the price of the new one but only 15% less powerful. That is a bargain I tell you. In my last 15 years of buying graphics cards this has been my main trick and it has worked all these years.


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The RAMS :

This section is pretty straight forward. Since RAMs are pretty cheap always buy more RAm than the recommended the games at the time need. For example if it is the year 2018 and at that time the recommended for games is 16 GB RAMS, you should go ahead and double that at 32 GB. Price wise it is just non existent but performance wise it will help a lot. Even though the seller might tell you this is just too much and not needed just go ahead and get it. This will your cumputer much more room to have software running at the same time. Also it will make your cumputer life much longer playing future games without a headache.



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Hard Disk :

In hard disk the more the better. Again this hardware is not very expensive compared to prior ones. Like the RAMS always buy more the the normal at that year. For example now in 2017 most cumputers have 2 Terra Bytes as the default. I would rather you have 3 Terra Bytes just a small increase than the recommended at your time. The idea is increase the life of your cumputer and to have less upgrades along the way. SSD hard disks are also available now but are still expensive. They do make a lot of performance difference thought to your system. I would suggest have it there so atleast the main cupumter software and games can run on it.

This is pretty much it. The foundation has been laid for you and just follow these basic tips and your gaming cumputer life will be increased drastically.

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