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Fallout 5 : All About the New Game

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Just one year after the release of Fallout 4 and people already are talking about Fallout 5. The Fallout series has been extremely successful with lots of fans and enthusiasts. Rumours regarding Fallout 5 are already on the horizon although nothing concrete has leaked there are some indications of the title being worked on. Since it is still a long time from release there are several things the fans would like to see included in the new game.

Release Date :

The Fallout series has always left a long time between releases. it ranges between 5-10 years for a title to appear. This is definitely a long time wait for the us to wait but there are positives on the horizon. The latest Fallout 4 was released just 5 years after Fallout Las Vegas. This indicates that Bethesda games might have changed its approach regarding release dates.


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A five years cycle is enough time to make good money from the previous release and is around the time that most people have had enough playing time from the older version and looking for the new one. Therefore the expected release date for fallout 5 is around 2020. Nothing is official though as the developer are keeping a tight-lip about any news. We eill keep digging and keep you all updated.

Fallout 5 Wishlist :

The fans have had their say and opinions during the time of Fallout 4 and after much research there are several things the fans want returned in the Fallout series. The First addition wanted are drive-able vehicles. This has been removed from Fallout 4 and it was a great fun in previous Fallout’s to drive the cars around. The second Addition would be to have better AI and a hardcore mode. The AI did get better as the series evolved but whoever played Fallout 4 knows there are get around to defeat enemies easily. The AI just needs to be smarter to make the game more realistic. Also a addition of a hardcore mode si welcomed for us veteran players to increase the challenge and play-ability.


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Third on the list is having multiplayer co-op. In this day and time online is everything and the idea of playing Fallout 5 with a friend just gets us excited. This inclusion would surely benefit the game-play. imagine having to complete a certain quest while your buddy is in town buying some ammunition for the big battle ahead. Fourth on the list is to have a greater quest variety. Many quest did seem similar in Fallout 4 and a thoughtful story-line with more quest variety would be fantastic. I have read in many forums people complaining the similarity in quests.

Last on the list is a more polished combat system. What makes Fallout different from all other games is the special combat system is has. You can switch between real time and turn-based. This choice system is great but it feels at times it needs better polishing to make them both equal in results.

The Future :

Fallout 5 should arrive within 3 years time and by that time new consoles will be here such as the PlayStation 5 and the New Xbox project Scorpio. This will surely give the developers more room to be creative and produce something special. We are all waiting for more news so keep dropping back here and we will surely keep you posted


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