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5g network speed

The next evolution in mobile networks is the 5G network and most people want to know the immanent release date. This will definitely be a jump in technology and as it will not only be faster but also more reliable. …

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Best Free iPhone Apps 2015

There are a bunch of new apps released daily but here I will give you the best free iphone apps in 2015 so far. These are just a mix of functional apps that are essential for every iPhone user. Plus …

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iphone ios 8 tips and tricks

These iphone ios 8 tips and tricks are very helpful for every iphone user. It seems that this ios 8 software has more hidden features that are unknown to iphone users. I personally have benifited a lot from of these …

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Samsung Galaxy s6 Battery Draining Fast Tips

Here are some Samsung Galaxy s6 battery draining fast tips that should help to extend the hours. The Galaxy s6 battery drains fast sometimes like many other smart phones. The trick is to disable many of the un-needed features running …

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nvidia gtx 980 ti

Finally comes a card that is as good as the Nvidia Titan but with a much lower bill. The Nvidia Geforce GTX 980 Ti is the latest graphics card to be released. As of today the price of this graphics …

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