Football Manager 2015 Tactics

This is a quick guide for Football Manager 2015 Tactics to follow and it will make you win games. Not only do I want you to win games but to also understand how the tactics work so in the future you can create your own winning tactics. Like the saying “its better to teach a man how to fish rather than give him a fish everyday.” This comes from years of experience with the Football Manager series. Lets cut the chase and get started I know you have a club to run.

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First is the formation. I currently recommend three formations to start the game with. They are 4-2-3-1, 4-4-2, and 4-4-2 but with wide men a little higher up the pitch. These are the guide lines for most formations and they work in almost all leagues and levels. The great thing about these tactics is that they are very well balanced in defense, midfield and attack. This is very important in Football Manager 2015 as it is in real life. If you have imbalance in a formation there will be gaps in space that the opponents will use and create chances.

Second thing is the player roles. This feature has been added in the newer versions of Football Manager and it has immensely improved the tactics and gameplay. Long gone are the sliding bars which where fun for a while but totally unrealistic. What I recommend is that one forward to be a poacher and the other deep laying forward on support. The poacher will stay in the box to score those crosses and the deep playing forward will drop back to create space and also link up the midfield. The two midfield wide players need to be wingers with the support duty. This will make them dangerous in attacks but still help out in defense. The two central midfielders need to on deep-laying playmaker on defense duty and the other central midfield on support. This will make the two link up pretty well and will make sure they control the game in midfield.

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In defense the wide players in to be on support so they can help the wingers in attack but still be more cautious going up. The two center backs on central defenders on defend duty. These duties will give your team have a really good balance and you will see some great football. Just stick to it a little until the team comprehends it totally. You can then choose if you want to play more attacking or defensively depending on your opponent. There are so much more details to this tactics guide but I will leave it for another coming post. I will talk in the coming post about player attributes, team talks, and team instructions. Hope this Football Manager 2015 Tactics guide helped.

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Xbox One Port Forwarding

Is your Xbox One connection very slow? Then your answer is Xbox One port forwarding. Many people have the same problem and it was solved by doing  port forward from the router. This will have an immediate impact on the speed of your connection in multiplayer games. The problem is that some routers settings are not configured correctly or the type of router has a strict NAT (Network Address Translation) setting. In this case what we need to do is let the router connection pass through to the direct port of Xbox Live.

xbox one port forwarding

There are three NAT setting options. The first one is OPEN which is what you want for a connection with the Xbox One. In an OPEN setting the connection will be faster and you will be able to find most players online. The second type is MODERATE which is a medium connection which ill find half of the players online. It also might be a little slower. The third type is STRICT which is a very closed connection not allowing many players to connect to you and may be somewhat slower. Ultimately you need an OPEN NAT connection.

router ip address

I order to change the settings in your router and allow box One port forwarding you need to login into your router as admin. Connect your router to your computer directly with an Ethernet wire. Open an internet browser and type in or This is the IP address for most routers. Login with username admin and password either admin or password. Once you access the router admin interface go to advanced then to port forwarding. Now the tricky part. You will need to manually enter the Xbox Live ports. Add a new port forwarding rule and name it Xbox Live. Some new routers have the Xbox live rule available so just select it. If its not available, add the ports manually and then save the rule. I will list the ports that need to be open for Xbox Live.

  • Port 88 (UDP)
  • Port 3074 (UDP and TCP)
  • Port 53 (UDP and TCP)
  • Port 80 (TCP)
  • Port 500 (UDP)
  • Port 3544 (UDP)
  • Port 4500 (UDP)

how to port forward xbox one

After you fill out these ports make sure to save from the admin interface otherwise it will be all lost. Logout from your router and go ahead and start your Xbox and check your connection by going to Settings -> Network Settings then check current network status. Now you should see the connection as OPEN. Hope this helps.

Football Manager 2015 Wonderkids

The top 10 Football Manager 2015 wonderkids. The list contains their team, age, position and value. These players will become the best in the game in the future. If you are not sure what is a wonderkid I will explain. He is a young player that is clearly better than the youth players around him. Not only that but he has the potential to a world class player. Some of the wonderkids have a current amazing stats and can be a first team player.

football manager 2015 wonderkids

We all know how fun it is to buy a young player, train him, play him and then he turns out to be one of the best players in the world. There is a sense of accomplishment and pride when this happens. There are also challenges in the game where you need to win the league with young players.

This list of Football Manager 2015 wonderkids consists of the best 10 players in the game. I have done some research to assure that these wonderkids will become the best in the game if of course trained well and given first team matches. This is by far the best football manager 2015 wonderkids list.

Football Manager 2015 Wonderkids :

  1. Julian BrandtAM RL – 18 years – Leverkusen (5 million)
  2. EwandroST – 18 years – Avai (600,000)
  3. Gabriel BarbosaAM/FC – 18 years – Santos (11 million)
  4. Leon GoretzkaDM/AMC – 19 years – Gelsenkirchen (12 million)
  5. Tariq HumamAM LC – 18 – AC Milan (1.4 million)
  6. Adnan JanuzajAM RLC – 19 – Man Utd (37 million)
  7. Sinan KurtAM LC / FC – 18 – Bayern (1.6 million)
  8. OliverAM RLC – 19 – FCP (6.7 million)
  9. Alessio RomanoliD LC – 19 years – Sampdoria (1.6 million)
  10. Siebe SchrijversST – 18 years – PAOK (800,000)

football manager 2015 wonderkids januzaj

I hope you enjoy this list of wonderkids. These players are mostly unknown in the football world that’s why they are somewhat cheap. Of course there are more wonderkids but are very well known and don’t need listing. Players such as Raheem Sterling, Paul Pogba and Kurt Zouma.

Fifa 15 Defending Tips

In this article I will be writing about Fifa 15 defending tips after I got many requests to do so. Fifa 15 is one of the best football (soccer) video games available right now. With millions of players playing online at one time it is bound there will be some frustration. Not only did EA change the way defending is played but also attackers now are faster and better dribblers with skill. So it is harder than ever to defend. Still though becoming a good defender is possible and getting those clean sheets is not a dream.

fifa 15 defending tips 2

Fifa 15 Defending Tips List :

Tackling and Timing :

I would first recommend that you always use a standing tackle rather than a sliding tackle. The reason is our player will leave an open space if he misses the sliding tackle and also if mistimed it could get you a card. Don’t commit to early for a standing tackle. Wait and keep going backwards with the attacker until he gets close then press. While you are covering the attacker might make a wrong pass or even try to shoot from distance which is preferable to you. Always try to cover and wait rather than go in fast with a tackle. If you are running next to the attacker then get close to him and try to shove him. Many times this works because a defender is stronger physically.

Corners and Crosses :

In corners I recommend you take control of a tall player and get him in the middle of the penalty area. This is he area where most crosses are made and any closer the keeper will get it. As soon as the cross is coming keep pressing the head/shoot button and while controlling the player and get him in front of the attacker. The key thing is to get in front of him but still very close. This will give you an advantage in clearing it. In normal crosses it is very similar. Quickly click and get control of the defender closer to the attacker. Then get very close and a little to the front of him and press the head button repeatedly.

fifa 15 defending tips

Against speedy attackers :

If your opponent has speedy attackers (which is a lot in Fifa 15) you need to take another approach. First thing you need to do is call up double team on him. While he is trying to run past the doubled team mate try to anticipate where he will make the run. Then use the player you are controlling to b there first and rush him with a standing tackle. Since we all know if a speedy player gets momentum he can pretty much take on most defenders. So you need to be quick. Get double team. Cover with the player you are controlling then anticipate and tackle.

My final and most important tip is never rush your defenders to tackle he opponent. If he is in midfield with the ball, control your midfield player and keep running behind him. Leave your defenders alone to cover the runs. I hope these tips will help you in Fifa 15 defending. Hopefully make you win more games while you are at it too. I will write more tips on video games in the coming posts.

New Geeky Gadgets

Everyone loves those new geeky gadgets. They might not be very handy and practical but they sure are cool. I personally have to buy on of the geeky gadgets every once in a while. Some are iphone related and others are just random. In this post I am going to talk about some of the coolest and newest gadgets that are available online.

1 – iGlo Pulse: Light Up Headphones :

These are the first light up headphones that pulsate with the beat of the music. They look very cool and are very trendy. The best color right now is the fluorescent green.

2 –  Fred and Friends iMag Magnet Tech Tool :

This cool magnet looking gadget can be used as a stand for your iphone or ipad. Want to watch a video and let go of your iphone then this thing is for you. It also has other uses like organizing your messy cords and wires.

3 – Car Grip Pad :

This car grip sticky pad is very geeky but also useful. Stick it on your dashboard looking good and use it with all your smart phones. You can also put your wallet and keychain and it will hold well.

4 –  Star Theatre Pro :

This globe projects stars, moon and planets on your ceiling. Around 10,000 stars will projected. It also play planetarium music while its on. Really fascinating if you are into space and planets.

5 – Spy Camera Sunglasses :

This spy camera glasses is really a geeky gadget. It will record 720HD and has a simple switch ON/OFF. It will give you 100 minutes of continuous recording. You can also add more memory using a micro SD card.

I hope you like this list of geeky gadgets. Some of them are more cool than practical but that’s the meaning of being geeky. I will be writing more posts in the coming days about more new gadgets.

geeky gadgets